Fit For You

The decision to purchase a boat usually begins with a list of wants and needs, a bit like buying a house. Size, type, use and price might be items on your list. In addition to this list DSC_6628some daydreaming is in order: a day on the water with family, fishing on a quiet Sunday morning, ghosting along on a beautiful evening with a glass of wine and good friends. Once in a while you can fulfill all your needs and wants with a production boat. However, most of the time sacrifices are needed, whether it be too small a cabin for your family, a refrigerator that’s too small, a helm that just doesn’t fit, the style isn’t right, and on and on. There is a way to have it your way!

Why not have a boat designed and built just for you – a boat that “fits” – a custom boat? A custom boat haGRG_2763s many advantages, advantages summed up by our designer, Michel. “For the size and type you desire, you can get any production boat on the market; but if you prefer to be unique and create something that reflects your precise needs, tastes, and budget – a boat that reflects your personality, custom is the way to go”. A custom boat is designed and built around you, taking in all parameters, right down to arm length and eye level, so the boat fits just right. It is built to showcase “unique individuals with unique tastes”.

Another consideration is value. A well-cared-for custom boat can continue to grow in value with time. It is not uncommon for a Van Dam to actually increase in value with each new owner (not that they trade hands often). Many times they are built to be handed down to family members, cherished for generations.

Choosing to build a boat with Van Dam creates a unique experience: the ability to choose dscf4611-adjustedevery detail, to create a boat that is as unique as your own signature – nothing like it anywhere! In the words of our founder, Steve Van Dam, “Every one of us is an individual, when we get to the point in life where we can afford nice things, we search out the very best, and we relish owning it … we want a boat to meet our particular needs and tastes, and production boats are a compromise.”



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