Designed to be a hot rod on water and created for a former offshore racer/poker run owner and driver. Jacqueline is made for speed. She is styled somewhat similar to the Classic Gold Cup racers of the 20’s with bright mahogany topside, but those similarities don’t go far.

Her color scheme is far from that of any traditional classic boat. She has charcoal gray upholstery, radical deep violet bottom paint and a gold boot stripe. Her engine is canary yellow and is accented with violet and polished stainless chrome. She was definitely made to be a looker.

Under her waterline Jacqueline is pure modern performance. She was designed with a single step deep V bottom. She has a custom built Arneson surface drive. She spins a Mercury Racing 4 blade cleaver propeller. All this is powered by a custom built 502 cubic inch Chevrolet producing 525 HP and working through a customized ZF63H transmission. She has the ability to reach 80 mph and will throw a roostertail visible for miles.

Jacqueline has received two regional ACBS awards: Best of Show and Best Contemporary. She has also won a National award for Best Contemporary. The residents of Lake George, New York are sure to know her well, as she definitely heats up the waters when her owner takes her out for frequent rides.

Jacqueline is a showcase of speed and power, an exquisite mix of art and engineering. She knows how to fly across the water with an elegant touch. She is truly a reflection of her namesake.


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