Don Don: Automotive Styling and Contemporary Performance

What do you do when you have very distinctive taste in boats and cars? Well, you combine them in a unique build of course! That is exactly what Van Dam did with Don Don. When a customer came in with the desire to have a speed boat with a luxury car interior, Van Dam jumped right on it. With automotive styling and contemporary performance Don Don was born.

The demands were simple when designing Don Don. The boat had to be lean, sleek and muscular. There had to be a big engine with an intoxicating rumble, along with leather seats – built of exquisitely crafted mahogany. As the requests were being spelled out, designer Michel Berryer had a shape he had sketched decades before pop back into his head.

As a child Michel spent the summers in Harbor Springs, where he admired the designs of the late 1960s sport boats. Captivated by the brash, sleek and lean boats with minimal interiors he was addicted to the style. He would doodle sketches of the boats from memory and eventually, with each new sketch, he kept coming back to one design in particular. This same design was the basis on which Don Don was created.

With a contemporary design and automotive styling in the cockpit and seating area, Don Don is crafted to make any outing a true pleasure. The length overall is 29 feet and a beam of 8 feet 6 inches. She is powered with a Chevrolet 496 cubic inch “big block” of 400 horsepower and drives through a Mercury Bravo III stern drive. Although she was not made for speed, she can run roughly 65 mph with modest power.

Her interior is built for luxury, designed with custom leather bucket seats. The exterior is made of the finest mahogany, which was milled from a single log. She has a deep V hull form. No detail was skipped with her, from her carbon fiber exhaust shields to the Van Dam custom stainless steel steering wheel. Nothing short of perfection as you watch the great combination of exotic car interiors and a perfectly crafted boat design glide through the water.

For more awesome pictures of Don Don:


4 thoughts on “Don Don: Automotive Styling and Contemporary Performance

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS boat!! Makes that Fountain look positively CHEAP by comparison. And 65mph is quite fast for the power. That duoprop drive is more suited to a big cruiser but it docks way better than a single prop and is quicker out of the hole as well.

    I love the exhaust design and the slightly raised center area. VERY classy wood too. Do you make the windshield in-house? Looks great, very contemporary.

    Well done gentlemen!

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