Giving Back

At Van Dam Custom Boats every employee is treated as a part of the family, why not expand this out into the community? It is important to give back to the community that you are a part of and Van Dam Custom Boats does not lack in this department.

Whether it is as simple as being apart of the Evenings at the Gazebo in Boyne City or to giving to the Grandvue Terrace and Recreation Park, Van Dam makes sure that its community is well taken care of. Jean Van Dam has always been a big supporter with her volunteer work. One of the big causes that she gets behind is that for the Raven Hill Discovery Center, a place where children and adults are given the opportunity to link science, nature and art with hands on activities. (You can check them out at Another important cause that Van Dam Custom Boats supports and that Jean Van Dam has been volunteering for, for many years, is the Women’s Resource Center in Petoskey. (See how you can give to the Women’s Resource Center at

These are just a few of the ways that Van Dam Custom Boats gives back. They are also activity sponsors for the Little Traverse Conservancy and for Boyne City Public Schools. Every bit counts, that is something that we must all pride ourselves in, giving back.


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