What is a Van Dam?

We say the world’s finest wood boats, but really, what is a Van Dam Custom Boat? A Van Dam is so much more than just a boat; it is an experience, a dream come true, and an heirloom to pass on to generations to come.

With the decision to have a Van Dam you are getting the very best in the business, the very best in the world! Whether you choose a powerboat or a sailboat, you will be on the water knowing that no one will ever have another boat like yours. With the Van Dam name you get custom designs, detail and passionate workmanship.

The use of modern construction techniques and an experienced team has allowed Van Dam Custom Boats to excel in quality, beauty and strength of each boat created. Because of this, they can be so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty. How many other boats come with that backing it?

Customers are part of the team from the very start. With every twist and turn the customer sees the boat come to life, from the computer screen to being set on the trailer. The first-rate treatment is given upon walking in the door.

A Van Dam is a beautiful fusion of engineering and art. Every boat is a floating piece of art.


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